We've had clients of All Ages & Backgrounds, Lose Weight, Gain Muscle, Pass PT Exams, Train For Sport, You Name It. But The real transformation lies in having developed a healthy Mind, Body & Spirit through our"WhyNotBeGreat"  programs. 

Here's What They Have To Say:


Mary Domio-Kay

Cliff and Lu challenge me to go the extra mile, and when I do, I feel accomplished. I didn’t have much upper body strength but now after each workout I feel I’m getting a little stronger...thanks to Cliff & Lu.

Chance Washington

As I joined the WHY NOT BE GREAT GROUP, I have  a different perspective about going to the gym. Before I joined the group, I dreaded going to the gym every single day and didn't want to put in the work. I was half doing exercises and making excuses on why I should stay home instead of going to the gym. But now since joining the group, I want to go to the gym every single day to workout with my partners/family. I don't look at working out as work anymore. Actually I enjoy myself, have fun, while getting results at the same time. One thing for sure is that you will become a better person when joining the WHY NOT BE GREAT team. We are all about positive attitudes, pushing yourself to your full potential, seeing results, and having each others back.  It's a movement that the world is not ready for. So let me ask you this question, WHY NOT BE GREAT???💪🏿 💪🏿

Gerald "GiGi" Hatter

I never really challenged myself to do any heavy lifting, until I was able to work out with you and your team. Everyday I've gotten stronger. In fact, I'm almost able to do a pull-up which I've been trying to achieve for the last three years...without any major improvements. But I'm halfway there and my upper body strength has improved dramatically.  and overall I feel like a much stronger woman. Working out with y'all makes me feel like I can go that extra mile and achieve the greatness that we always talk about during our workout. Thank you so much for the time the dedication and all the encouragement that comes with working out with great people like you and your team. I look forward to putting in major work and growing stronger with your team.

Breanna Richardson

With the coaching, motivation, and encouragement from WhyNotBeGreat, I am lifting weight I never thought I’d lift, I have self confidence that I never had, and I’ve made friends for life all thanks to WhyNotBeGreat. I’m able to push myself further than I ever thought I could and my results are truly amazing and life altering! I’m so thankful and forever grateful for the WhyNotBeGreat crew, especially my trainer Cliff!

Veronica Chargois

Meeting the group of people and amazing coaches Cliff and Lu from "Why NOT BE GREAT" came at sensitive time for me after being affected by Hurricane Harvey. I had not worked out consistently for months before then and after Harvey was even more difficult but I forced myself to get back to the gym and finding this group has been life changing for me and reminds me everyday that I am stronger mentally, emotionally and physically because of the support! I look forward to the workouts and hate missing when I can't be there!💪

Lakesha Clark

When I used to work out solo, I dreaded working out, but thanks to

Cliff & Lu I’m excited to put in work! They push me to go far beyond

my limits and goals! It’s the highlight of my day every day!

Troy Boiser

I came to Clif weighing 240 lbs. A lot of fat & little muscle. Since training with Clif, I have lost 45 lbs. My muscle mass is up & my body is toned. My waistline went from 44” to 34”. I’m eating better & off the meds. Thanks Clif for help making me GREAT again 😎

Laurie Miller

"63 Years Young! WOW!  I have been working out with Cliff for a year now and the difference in my overall health and strength is like night and day.  A year ago I could barely get up and down  off the floor.  I was so weak and my stamina was very poor. I FELT old!

Since my husband, Larry and I have been with Cliff, we have learned how to improve our lives.  We are now flexible and strong and feel we can take on any physical challenge.

In my opinion, Cliff is a great trainer, teacher and motivator.  He knows his subject and helps us older clients get better without hurting ourselves in the process.  His knowledge of sports medicine is invaluable and he motivates us all to be our best.

I highly recommend Cliff to anyone who wants to get stronger and smarter about their health and fitness."

We LOVE our group classes!

Felicia Fullbright

I started working with Cliff at another facility and I’m fortunate enough to work with him here. As a personal trainer he looks out for my best interests and customizes workouts that are specific for my body that tests my strength, endurance and flexibility. I highly recommend Cliff as a personal trainer and being good is ok but “Why Not Be Great” is his Mantra and  Future Endeavor! I plan to continue working with him and his team because they are destined for Greatness!

Justin Hubley

I transitioned from active duty army into the national guard a few years back and became a trucker which was taking a toll on my body. I had almost failed my last pt test and had another one coming up in 2 months when I started to train with Cliff. He worked around my schedule and even came in at 330 am just to train me which was 2 hours before any of his other sessions. He saw my target areas and found out of the box ways to train me in those areas to keep it interesting. The result was one of my highest qt scores in a long time. Since then my schedule with work has changed but he still contacts me periodically to check up on me and try to keep me motivated! I was looking for a trainer and got a trainer and a friend! One heck of a deal if you ask me - Justin 32 yrs old

Justin Leyva

Clifton Boudreaux is truly an asset when it comes to knowledge or sports nutrition and performance. The results speak for themselves. You won’t find a better athletic trainer Clifton. He helped elevate my sons performance and put him in top shape.

Lavelle Isreal-Brown

Cliff is the best trainer I have every had and I have had many. He has shown dedication to my success even when I don't see it in myself. He always quotes to me "Do you want to be good, or be great" even if I say good he will only let me be great. His hard work and dedication and various work out routine and resources he provides has been above and beyond. Thanks Cliff for all that you do #WhyNotBeGreat

Jade Louallen

“Summer Time Fine is what they call me, but if it wasn’t for them pushing me to be great I would have never seen this much of a result! I feel good and look damn good. They showed me the formula which involves solely on the person’s desire: Desire to eat good, so they can perform great. That equates to gaining those desirable results!

Rhonda Richard

I’m so very proud of my sessions with Cliff! It wasn’t until I started training with him that I over came my fear of weightlifting!!! Now I’m overly excited to attend every session!! When I first bench pressed 90lbs I knew then that I had confidence to challenge myself even more!!!! Thanks Cliff - you have taught me to believe in my abilities and now I live my life saying daily #WhyNotBeGreat!!!! You are the best for helping us get to OUR next levels!!!! 💯💯🏋🏿‍♀️🏋🏿‍♀️💪🏽💪🏽

Chandra Dean

Having  Clifton Boudreaux as  my personal trainer has been very rewarding! He has not only increased my physical strength, but my self confidence.


I have been very impressed by his passion, his knowledge, and his abilities.  Cliff has challenged, pushed and has taught me a great deal. He makes working out fun and has inspired me to reach new goals.


I greatly appreciate all Cliff has done for me!

Donald Waddleton

I have worked with Cliff for the past 7 months.  I found him to be very knowledgeable of various ways to help me to meet my goals.  He has taken time to ensure I understand the correct form and what muscles should be affected with each exercise.  He has helped me to reach beyond my expectations.  I would recommend Cliff if you are serious about becoming GREAT.

Antonio Maxie

Having Cliff as my trainer is priceless! The weight is coming off & I’m getting stronger 💪🏾 I gained a lot from his training and eating recommendations

Taneshia Clay

"I started training with Cliff last year and within  2-3 weeks I began to see my body tranform. He was very helpful and customized the workouts to my body type. I had to travel for my job and he would send workouts for me to do, call or text to keep me motivated and hear about the progress I've made. He definitely kept me on tract". 

John & Vanessa Voss

Me and my wife love cliff. From the confidence he gives us to the workouts. He makes workouts fun. Really makes us want to workout and go to the gym.

Arlla Hollins

I started working out with Clifton in February 2017. When I came I was having trouble getting around walking was a struggle and stairs were nightmare. I was not able to get myself up off the floor. After working with Clifton everything got easier. I felt stronger and the pain in my knees was better. I started using the other classes at the gym, while I found them enjoyable they were too crowded and The instructors could not make sure we were using proper form. I returned to Clifton Boudreaux in September 2017. I enjoy working with the group  of people who have the same agenda as myself. To get fit and stay 

active. I no longer cry at the thought of taking the stairs. I was able to climb the fence in my backyard after being locked out of my 

house. Clifton pushed me to be a better me without being overbearing .  He has helped me believe that I have what it takes to do more. While 

the scale doesn’t say what I want, I see the change in my body and want to work harder because I know that I can. Thanks to Clifton Boudreaux , I am stronger than I have been in a long time. I look forward to seeing just how great I will become.

Bob Davis

“I joined 24 hour fitness in February, 2014 – four years ago. At that time, I also signed up for training for myself, as well as my wife. I knew that we would invest our time in something where we invested our money. We both have trained year-round since that time, as well as get help with nutrition coaching. The trainers at 24 hour fitness have guided me well beyond where I thought I could go – trading fat for lean muscle, dramatically improving my balance, increasing my full body strength well beyond someone my age (I am now 69). We view this investment as invaluable, providing better health, strength, and enjoy life more because of it.”  ~Bob Davis

Heidi S.

“I have worked with Cliff for the past 10 months. He is positive, knows his stuff, and knows how to adapt workouts because of injuries. He educated as well as trains. I would recommend him as s trainer to anyone.” —Heidi S.

 Ps. Cliff knows how to get results.

Everyday Someone Reaches Their Goals, Theres no Reason Why You Cant Do The Same. Period.

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